[ISN] Microsoft Liberates More Than 1.2 Million PCs From Citadel Botnet

http://www.eweek.com/security/microsoft-liberates-more-than-1.2-million-pcs-from-citadel-botnet/ By Robert Lemos eWEEK.com 2013-06-20 Initial numbers shared by the software giant suggest that its disruption of the Citadel botnet has resulted in criminals losing control over more than a million PCs. A team of industry and law enforcement partners—including Microsoft, the FBI and financial firms—have successfully disrupted a collection of botnets running on the Citadel Trojan, freeing more than 1.2 million computers from the control of cybercriminals, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit said this week. On June 6, Microsoft announced that it had executed its seventh operation against botnet operators, aiming to significantly disrupt a collection of nearly 1,500 botnets running on the Citadel Trojan. Normally, computers compromised with Citadel would attempt to connect to certain domains and receive orders, but Microsoft and computer emergency response teams around the world redirected many of those domains. The domains that Microsoft gained control of through a court order were redirected, or “sinkholed,” to company-controlled infrastructure, which Microsoft monitors to gauge the size of the botnets. […] _______________________________________________ ISN mailing list ISN@lists.infosecnews.org http://lists.infosecnews.org/mailman/listinfo/isn_lists.infosecnews.org