[ISN] Guess You Thought I Was Someone To Mess With

http://georgiaweidman.com/wordpress/guess-you-thought-i-was-someone-to-mess-with/ [Well worth the read, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. – WK] Georgia Weidman’s Security Blog By georgia June 18th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized Note: There will be no names named here. The perpetrator is not named. Likewise the heroes of the story who probably saved me from going to jail and at the very least comforted me when it felt like the floor was going to fall through are left unnamed. That said if you want to know the names I am willing to discuss it privately. Note: By popular demand I have named him as Fernando Gont. He’s already threatened to sue me so I guess I have nothing to lose by posting it here, and everything to gain if it helps someone else. I was advised that naming him publicly would constitute libel. I don’t want to write this. I don’t want to get caught up in anything to do with this women in infosec bit. Everyone who does get lambasted so badly at this point I’d rather avoid it entirely. You can’t say anything about sexism without getting lumped in with the creeper cards or the talk canceling at Bsides SF. Anyways I have a hard time making any sound judgment on sexism in infosec since infosec is the only life I know. It’s a fair statement that infosec and my career in infosec make up my entire life, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. My first job out of college was in infosec, and to this day I have never been to a nightclub unless it was at an infosec event or at the very least with people I know from infosec. In addition to that I only have my own experiences. When I feel mistreated it’s easy to say that I was passed over for this or excluded from that because I’m female. On the other hand perhaps its because I’m of Germanic descent, or because I’m a fraud, or because I have poor social skills, or any myriad other list of good, bad, true, or made up reasons. I cannot compare my successes and setbacks objectively to anyone else’s any better than I can nail down the cause. For all these reasons I don’t think I can really answer the women in infosec question. This post isn’t about that. This is something different. I was physically and (attempted) sexually assaulted at the Confidence conference in Poland 2 weeks ago. I haven’t really said anything public about it until now, mainly because I’m busy. After Poland I flew straight to another event back in the US, and the following week I went to Israel to teach a class. Anyone who reads my Twitter has read that I’m bogged down in book edits. I’m teaching a lot of new classes this summer and fall. Needless to say, I don’t have time to process this much less write about it. Plus I’ve gotten enough pushback already. People I thought were my friends and colleagues have said things to me about this that have cut deeper than the actual assault ever could. I don’t want to deal with more of that. I don’t want to see the comments for this post. But I feel like I have to do this. I weighed my options. If I shut up and do nothing and later hear he did this to someone else, I will feel personally responsible. I have to do everything I can to make sure another speaker or attendee doesn’t get worse than I got. […] _______________________________________________ ISN mailing list ISN@lists.infosecnews.org http://lists.infosecnews.org/mailman/listinfo/isn_lists.infosecnews.org