[ISN] ‘Anonymous’ search engine sees rocketing growth after NSA revelations

http://rt.com/news/search-duckduckgo-popularity-nsa-956/ RT.com June 19, 2013 An alternative search engine DuckDuckGo has enjoyed a record surge in traffic as NSA scandals spark fears and frighten away Internet users from the more popular Google or Yahoo!. Over the previous week DuckDuckGo, a private search engine, which claims not to collect users’ searches or create any personal user profile, has increased its traffic by 26 per cent and passed 3.1 million of direct queries. A traffic surge hit DuckDuckGo after Edward Snowden’s revelations that NSA obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and other US technology companies. The scandal over the US’s PRISM program played into the website’s hands, before that direct searches were around 1.6 million a day for the last few months. However, despite impressive results, DuckDuckGo still cannot challenge internet search industry giants. For comparison, Google handles 5,134 million searches a day. […] _______________________________________________ ISN mailing list ISN@lists.infosecnews.org http://lists.infosecnews.org/mailman/listinfo/isn_lists.infosecnews.org