NSA Snooping Opinion

Seriously, are you new to the game of information gathering? Okay so the public is surprised to find out that the USA NSA and others in our government spend billions of dollars to gather intelligence. Seriously? Where does the public realize that this is all part of the game of allowing their children to play happily in the local pool or street every afternoon? We must make the NSA relevant to every citizen of the United States. So far, our “secret government agencies” have been viewed as meaningless to society at large due to their utmost secrecy. Yes they play a role in protecting us from horrible outcomes, but it is also our duty to make sure that these agencies act appropriately. We must protect the privacy and security of US citizens both here and abroad. Personally I would already find it hard to believe that ordinary citizens of the United States think that this NSA monitoring never occurred before, and feel that their expectations of privacy are very mistaken or naive. US Signals intelligence (aka radio spying) has existed for many years and just because recently the public has become aware of this they finally get a bit paranoid of their government. Can you seriously tell me that if you were the national security agency (tasked with protecting the American people and our allies) you would not monitor the email, web and instant messaging activities of international communications if you could potentially disrupt terrorist or other anti-regime activities? Of course you would, as would any similar political affiliate or agency. It is our government, so we must decide the limits we want on our own government, what should they be capable of? What privacy should they uphold? These are serious questions that I look to others to hypothesize.