[ISN] Vulnerable terminal servers could let bad guys hack stoplights, gas pumps

https://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9238665/Vulnerable_terminal_servers_could_let_bad_guys_hack_stoplights_gas_pumps By Jaikumar Vijayan Computerworld April 24, 2013 Thousands of older systems, including those used to manage critical industrial control equipment, traffic lights, fuel pumps, retail point-of-sale terminals and building automation are vulnerable to tampering because they’re insecurely connected to the Internet via terminal servers. A terminal server, or a network access server, basically provides an easy way to connect any equipment that has a serial port to the Internet. In a recent study, security firm Rapid7 found more than 114,000 terminal servers on the Internet configured in a way that could allow anyone to gain access to the underlying systems. Most of the systems were from Digi International and Lantronix, two leading manufactures of terminal server devices. About 95,000 of those servers connected to the Internet via cellular mobile connections and 3G network cards, making them hard to protect, monitor and secure, according to H.D. Moore, the chief research officer at Rapid7 and the author of the study. […] ______________________________________________ Visit the InfoSec News Security Bookstore Best Selling Security Books and More! http://www.shopinfosecnews.org