Comments on Boston Response

I must say that the response that I have seen from both the FBI and local law enforcement has been considerable and completely warranted. I commend those that are responding to this terrible tragedy within the Boston area. I believe that the very structured and reasonable response that the law enforcement has taken with regards to discovering and dealing with those that are responsible for the Boston tragedy has been completely appropriate and reflective of what most Americans want of their law enforcement officers. Although the search throughout today have not yielded the discovery of the final perpetrator, I must say that the attitude and communications that have come from the law enforcement throughout the day have been exemplary. As citizens of the United States we should applaud these hard-working law enforcement officers in a significant duty that they undertake on our behalf. To these individuals who work tirelessly to help the public and protect each and every one of us – you folks are awesome!


Update- I stand corrected, latest news says they have apprehended the final suspect.