[ISN] Will New Hires Impede Future Security?

http://www.bankinfosecurity.com/interviews/will-new-hires-impede-future-security-i-1883 By Eric Chabrow Bank Info Security April 16, 2013 The rush to find qualified IT security professionals to meet current cyber-threats could jeopardize IT systems’ security in the not-too-distant future, say two leading IT security experts, Eugene Spafford and Ron Ross. Spafford, a Purdue University computer science professor, and Ross, a leading IT security and information risk management expert at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, presented differing views, at times, on the role cloud computing performs in helping mitigate information risk in the first of a two-part interview [see Can Moving Data to Cloud Reduce Risk?]. Here, in part two, both experts generally agree about the threat posed to organizations in recruiting IT security personnel for existing challenges – including securing the cloud – because the new hires might not be prepared to address future cyber-threats. Are the U.S. federal government and others being too short sighted in the way they recruit IT security personnel today? Perhaps, Spafford suggests in the discussion with Ross, moderated by Information Security Media Group. By attempting to “shorten the pipeline” to find qualified IT security personnel, the types of people being hired might not have the wherewithal to meet future cybersecurity needs. [Check out InfoSec Jobs @ http://jobs.infosecnews.org/ -WK] […] ______________________________________________ Visit the InfoSec News Security Bookstore Best Selling Security Books and More! http://www.shopinfosecnews.org