Should international laws Enable the United Nations to Implement Internet Access Sanctions?

I’m not a lawyer and don’t know for sure if this is correct or not but it occurred to me the other day it didn’t seem that national sanctions these days don’t seem to include sanctioning internet access. Should the global community consider enabling the capability to sanction a nation state by creating laws that align to instituting sanctions on a nation state to block internet access? Similar to United States export laws which have mandated blocking measures, one could envisage using blocking at the telco level to access privileges to Internet Protocol connectivity as well as mandating IP address range block lists if the United Nations implemented Internet access sanctions. I know there are ways around many blocking measures including using proxies etc, but what if there was a comprehensive blocking measure that worked at the telco level as well as other mechanisms. At the very least it could make it very difficult for a country. This seems like a “final” measure, however this may be an effective deterrent. Thoughts?