We need to care about the whole world.

Nation states need to stop thinking of themselves as individuals in the cyber security game. We are a world economy and need to act like one, we are not as disconnected as we once were. We all are in this cybersecurity and economy together, anyone who thinks we are not is living in the dark ages. We as a WORLD are one people. We must act like it and understand that our rights must be defined globally. We must ensure that privacy and global security is a totally inclusive goal. We can no longer expect one single entity to conquer the en-devour of  population based legal systems as a mechanism for adjudicating actors. We must all cooperate in the new internet world. We are all connected, we are one. This is being proven every day whether it be through the dynamics presented by the Arab spring or other ramifications of democracy. My personal belief is that the only way that North Korea or other more partial belief organisations can be assimilated towards the goals of us all is to be inclusive. Although I took a hard stance against their threats against the United States, I believe that a better approach is to be more inclusive and to have dialog and relax the United Nations sanctions currently imposed. An educated society is a polite society. We must take a world view to many of the aspects we consider to be national in nature. Growth is an interest  of all economies and no country is excluded. There is no other choice for countries such as North Korea other than to take  a more open stance, and south Asian countries should be completely open to dialog from North Korea directly with the United States. If Kim is willing to speak directly to Obama, then so be it, make it happen and stop the ridiculousness and let these problems subside, let the people of North Korea be exposed to true democracy. The power in which they seek will be their adjustment to true democracy.  The reality is the only way we will be able to convince an entire society of “Brainwashed” anti-US people is through them becoming open. No restrictions will ever be enough or they just hate us more. They need to be opened to the international community in order to become adjusted to what the “world community” is today. Give them some honor to become a part of that community, China also needs to be understanding of this dynamic and understand that it will benefit them economically to have them as a partner rather than as being perceived as a problem child. Maybe the honorable Kim Jong Un will read this and understand that none of us want war.