We have to value America and Americans

There is much debate over whether the Chinese or Americans are “hacking the planet” and of course for those in the “know” we understand that intelligence gathering goes both ways. Seriously does the public believe that all the countries on the planet are not competing with each other and gathering intelligence from each other? That is the premise of capitalism and democracy which is what we all have been wishing the world converts to. It comes down to being fair, which is why the world has the United Nations and international patent laws. This is the place that all the major issues must be solved. We must agree to understand that we all face a similar cybersecurity (for lack of a better term) crisis. We all must take part in the understanding that  under the current technology we cannot accurately attribute attacks to any certain country without a country-wide inspection system. What I believe is the biggest problem is that we equate the same attacks made against a system by an intruder such as a high school student as the same as anyone causing major disruptions. We must ensure there is an order for how we judge cyber attacks. Cyber attacks cannot be assumed because a certain IP address or location is involved. This is a new age where those details are not necessarily as they seem without a complete border based detection capability operated by a United Nations Cyber Security Agency operating and being completely transparent to the governments of the world in which they all have rights to protest and attest. The key to government is that we take into context activities and augment our laws to take into account contextual intentions. Our laws must be more specific about intent to inflict damage. An example is to deface a plant in front of a business entity, we would be remiss if we put a person in jail for 20 years over simply defacing a plant in front of a business for a day. We must have similar scaling in our justice system for cyber attacks. We cannot continually place simple disregard for security measures and data breach in the same category as murder. It is completely unreasonable and we must be more measured in our responses. What we must do is create a matrix that is well understood and communicated to the public in order to substantiate the judicial sentences we are employing. Compensating measures for fraud and other security controls must be mandated in order to effectuate this outcome. We must as a people diminish the value of data, especially structured data types. We must call for government action to more adequately define these data loss laws to include intention and attribution as critical aspects of law.