Direct message to Kim Jong Un

You can can go down in history as transforming your nation  towards prosperity for both your people and your leadership. You CAN lead your people from war towards love of all people f the world. You’re father fought hard against what he felt was right, but you must transform your army and others to a thinking of a global economy and community. Today we as nations we are all connected and respect each other as an entire world and we are hopeful you will see the same. Because your country has been suppressed by  the world, your country has been subjected to difficult times, your leadership and people have been suppressed by the global community. You can change this.  I ask you man on man to stop the escalation, and realize there is a world that you and family and dignitaries can continue to rule. But a rule that you and others can accept as a transgression that is better for the entire world. We as a people of the world want so much to speak to you, but we only hear threats and we don’t know what to do with that. Please, I call on you to meet and discuss the possibility that the entire world, including North Korea can stand on their own. No need for senseless violence or threats. Most of the Globe is at peace. We all want it that way, and we all want to cooperate, please talk to us, and not just a little, talk to us a lot please! Get everyone you can involved and get us all past this. The entire world wants peace, and we hope you will come with your open arms.

North Korea can stand on its own, we as people of the entire world want you to be successful. We want your regime to be in tact, all we ask is to not be threatened to war. We all don’t want war. We all as a world want peace and prosperity for all people of the world. I know that there are those that call for war, and those people need to understand that the entire world has changed. We are ONE WORLD, we all love and admire each other and want a world where each of us stands on our own but in peace. The primary goal of the United Nations is to establish a place that all can contribute, all can be heard, and that all can equalize peace throughout the world. I personally realize that North Korea has been shunned by the world. But we want peace, please make an effort to make the world a better place, we only want that.