Re: The Sequester – Fiscal Waterfall

Figured I’d actually blog a bit today because I am almost certain of my position here. Many people fear the looming fiscal waterfall at the department of defense or in government spending. But honestly although I do believe there will be some economic effects, the fact is that I’m almost certain 10% or even 20% of the government budget is wasted and easily cut with very little impact to the functioning of these entities. In the business world, a cut of this nature is not unheard of, in fact corporations have long been much more efficient than just about any government entity and honestly been the butt of jokes about wasteful spending for almost my entire lifetime. Personally I don’t see this as a bad thing, if our government uses “Prioritized” cuts, it can easily achieve higher efficiency and reduced costs. The fact that our government spending is out of control contributes to the problems that we are seeing from investment flows all over the globe. Although recently, my opinion of the USA economy has changed to be positive for growth, the growth would certainly be more pronounced if our government debt was reasonable and being paid down. The fact is we’ve run the government without significant reforms in quite some time, I remember as a child during the 80’s hearing the “reform” mantra many times. Isn’t it time we aim to do that again? I can’t imagine if we have a balanced budget and lower debts that investment flows would naturally increase into the United States. I think its time the Gov does the right thing here, and I’m certain that there’s at least 10% of waste lying around here and there that can be shaved. I personally want my government run more like a business and focus on benefiting the populace rather than bolstering government employment on account that we “don’t want to harm the economy”. The fact is that what harms the economy more is massive debts that continue to grow without being paid down, who in their right minds would invest in a sinking ship? Get our finances in order, that’s my expectation of my government and the massive amount of taxes I pay.