Worried about your company falling prey to NY Times type malware attack? Read this research.

For those of you reading the latest news about “Advanced Persistent Threats” (aka. Advanced Targeted Attacks) you’ll want to read through a few notes that Gartner has published on this topic. See the following and examine what you can do about it today:

– Best Practices for Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats (Lawrence Pingree, Neil MacDonald)

– Market Trends: Advanced Threat Protection Appliances, Worldwide, 2012 (Lawrence Pingree)

– Competitive Landscape: Network Behavior Analysis Market, Worldwide, 2012 Lawrence Pingree)

– Malware, APTs, and the Challenges of Defense (Dan Blum)

– Information Security Is Becoming a Big Data Analytics Problem (Neil MacDonald)

– Network Security Monitoring Tools for ‘Lean Forward’ Security Programs (John Pescatore, Lawrence Orens)