Thailand cybersecurity state in ‘crisis’

By Ellyne Phneah ZDNet News November 30, 2012

Thailand is ramping up efforts to improve its cybersecurity, as risk of the public sector being attacked is growing due to the wide use of social media and inadequate security systems.

The increasing number of social media users was a concern among cybersecurity experts, noted Bunjerd Tientongdee, deputy director at the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) department of Defence Information and Space Technology, in a Bangkok Post report. He was speaking at a cybersecurity conference on Thursday.

Bunjerd referred to the role of social media in the Arab Springs uprising last year, noting such a scenario would also be possible in Thailand if social media was used for political purposes.

There are already several cases of government servers being threatened, Bunjerd noted but declined to publicly disclose any names.


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