New Fake Antivirus Spam targeting HSBC users

A new FAKE spam email intends to deliver you malware and is actively targeting HSBC users. It takes the form of an official communication from HSBC customer support and asks users to “re-establish” access to their internet banking profile by downloading a fake anti-virus and performing a “Deep or Full” virus scan. Avoid this at all costs, distribution appears to be performed via per mouse-over dialog.


My Latest Gartner Research: Marketing Essentials: Three Growth Opportunities in Network Security Up to 2015

Organizations are slowly adopting virtualization-specific hardware during their standard refresh cycles. During the transition to virtualized workloads, expect low to medium growth in virtualized network security appliances and little to no immediate impact to existing hardware-based …

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Latest Gartner Research: Forecast Overview: Security Infrastructure, Worldwide, 2010-2016, 2Q12 Update

IT outsourcing (managed security services), secure Web gateway (appliance), and security information and event management (SIEM) are the fastest-growing security segments. Gartner expects demand for security products and services to be driven by the persistent threat landscape and influenced …

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