Part of the 99% on their way to the 1%?

Are you in the 99% that want to be part of that 1% crowd like I do? Well, I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve that high of status and we can only incrementally change the way the world works, however I  propose that if we all understand how to become a great manager and leader we will at least have a chance at increasing our success. To achieve new heights and get a better job, we all must improve our knowledge and work to become better people. The reason that I wrote my book is I saw many leaders throughout my career with both good and bad leadership skills and I took notes about my experiences. Once I documented these thoughts, I wrote a book about how I viewed the ways we as leaders and managers could improve.  I feel that if we understand our goals and take steps to achieve those goals we can at very least begin the journey towards a better life. Each of us face uncertainty in our daily lives but all of us can take steps to educate ourselves. My book has helped many people achieve a better understanding of their management and leadership styles. I tried desperately to break down things into understandable, common sense techniques that almost everyone can benefit from even if they aren’t a manager or leader at the moment. I suggest that through better leadership we all can open our eyes at the possibility of a brighter future for everyone. Life is a process of continuous improvement, continuous learning, and taking chances even in the face of great risk. It is us that suffer when we choose not to learn, adapt and pursue greater things. Check out my book at