Idea for Government Cost Savings

I suggest that every leader in every city, state and federal organization take the time to create “test” interactions to test their business processes. They should try and file each of the forms and follow these processes so that they understand where the weaknesses and shortfalls are.  This would ensure that they KNOW what changes they must do in order to increase efficiency and improve the spending of the government. I’d equate this to the same concept employed by the TV show “Undercover Boss” which has a dramatic affect on how they change their own businesses. Lets start reviewing our government the same way. If our leadership would use their own processes, they’d see how broken they in fact are and force the proper changes.  This is the main reason for the tremendous waste and burdensome costs associated with our current Government. Congress should mandate this sort of personal leadership review! (This is the authors opinion only and not those of his employer).