Lawrence Presenting at SecureWorldExpo: Obtaining “Context” During a Forensic Investigation

Image Source: St. Stedwards University

Delve into the world of the pre-forensics work that must be done as an investigation kicks off.  Learn to profile someone as best you can to identify the context for your forensic examination, discover how to properly interview someone, read their body language and even read their eye movements.

To go to the conference click here.

For those who either attended or cannot attend, we’ve uploaded a video here.


4 thoughts on “Lawrence Presenting at SecureWorldExpo: Obtaining “Context” During a Forensic Investigation”

    1. Hi Paul,
      James Grisham and I have performed a video and we’ll be posting it as soon as we can figure out how to get it on the blog, unfortunately YouTube rejected us due to its length.

  1. Interesting topic. I’ve read a couple of books on body language (one which claims to go beyond the usual) as well as taken coursework in neurolinguistic programming. What time is your talk?

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