One day of life without security & compliance

Imagine for a moment, that we take all of today’s technological developments and remove security and compliance completely from them. Then we put ourselves through a single day in our lives, just one harmless fun loving day. Lets just see what happens along our merry way.

So the day starts with me waking in the morning at SIX to my Chumby alarm playing. I get up and start to get ready for work with my normal routine, 2 cups of coffee, shower, walk the dog, eat a quick tangerine. I call my dog in from her early morning walk, she runs in and I then shut the door behind her and I hear a quick pop. This time though the door doesn’t shut, it simply bounces. The door is now missing a knob and a lock. So now the door simply glides open and closed lightly with the breeze like a windsock I suppose. Shortly thereafter my dog gets a glimpse, of a cat posing outside she pushes the door open and shoots outside in a cinch. I run rapidly after my dog and finally catch her, return her back to the house and prop the door with a chair so as to not let her escape again.

Now I’m ready to leave for you so I walk to the garage and I open the door to my car and hop on in. I have some nice electronics for my listening and driving pleasure. You know, the pleasures such as the Ipod with stereo integration, a navigation system and mp3 playing stereo system. But wait just a moment, why was GPS invented? Oh yeah, the Department of Defense created that for security, so since this is a day without security my GPS no longer worked. Well, I sat into my car and realized that the door locks were missing from my car, someone grabbed all my stereo equipment. I never heard my alarm (remember this is a day without security).

Then I quickly jump in my car and I’m then dumbfounded by the fact that oh my, I no longer have keys to start it. So I’m now forced to become quickly familiar with hotwiring my car. I twist together some wires under my dash, and luckily get the engine started for my trek to work.

I jump onto the freeway and I’m trying to change lanes to merge and for some reason everyone is doing 120 MPH past me and being real jerks just flying by with no regard to anyone at all. They all seem to own the road. I wonder to myself, why oh why would this be happening? And then it dawns on me… no police, no highway patrol (oh my, I guess they are for security too). So I speed up rapidly (my 4 cylinder maxed out) and join the ever speedy flow of annoying and law breaking citizenry, each time I change lanes my doors fly open since there are no latches to hold them. I feel like going back home. But alas, I press on.

I finally get to work and I’m totally overwhelmed, I park my car in the garage and walk to the entrance of the building and notice people running with boxes, computers, electronics and other various expensive items. My gosh, they are robbing the place, no security of course. The entryway have no badge readers and the doors no locks. Finally I enter the building and go up the elevator to my floor. I then arrive at my desk with a sigh of relief and collapse into my chair and plug in my mouse. I power up my laptop I’m ready to start my day. My computer boots up with no password to again my dismay. I launch a browser to go check my mail and low and behold its a task that will fail, because without logins and passwords at boot personalization and customization is all totally moot.

I pop up a website and shown right at the top is a small little news clip “There’s a new worm we must stop”. My computer starts spittering and sputtering and junk and before you know its an unusable hunk. So tell me again out there that security is just a cost, when without it I’m telling you your business is a complete loss.