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Trust series II: How is trust different in computing?

Trust in computing today is different from human trust because trust is basically implicit. Trust is defined by humans, it is determined and interpreted by humans by an assessment of history provided by the human experience and the history of that experience of a given technology. (i.e. We trusted WPA until the recent discovery of its discovered weakness). Computers do not yet learn trust as humans do, there is no continued assessment of historical data that is automatically assessed by a computer. A computer must rely on humans to decide whether another system is “trusted” or not based on a variety of factors such as known state, historical exploit data, virus or malware infection etc. This puts humans at a great disadvantage because they cannot possibly monitor all interactions a particular system has. This has given rise to behavioral analytics which I will try to cover in a later post but this concept is of great historical significance as it truely affects us all and the automation of future systems.


Trust Series II: Trust in relationships

Trust is an interesting aspect of human kind, its roots are probably based in our protection of self and our self centered interests. Most of us perceive others as trustworthy until such other person wrongs our interests in some way. We look to history in our minds and the events associated with another person to “trust” them. So this means mostly that humans desire for predictability, and not just predictability by itself but the predictability of self satisfaction of both the communications and actions of others. We desire to feel “self satisfied” by other people. We tend to associate with those who agree with us, and also who don’t create difficulties that cause extra work or hardship  for us. We trust people who we generally don’t fear will cause us reprisal. We want to be able to consul in each other and we trust those who don’t “break the silence”. The basic premise of trust is that we trust those who long for similar goals, similar perceptions and who generally want what we want out of life. We long and hope to find a partner with the same feelings, the same thoughts, who believe the same truths as we believe. We also come with a built in sense of love of others. We want to feel that we are special, and that others will feel we are special. I too just like all people want to feel special but know that I am only special in certain aspects, but not in all. Each and every one of us is special in our own rights and the one thing that causes the most grief is that we feel like we are apart, like we are different, but we really are not, we are the same. Every human feels lonelyness, sadeness, longing for feeling special. We want to trust and trust being based on predictability and  is only broken when we perceive that our interests are not being maintained. We are seperate but one, and this is the main struggle of mankind. Peace should be our goal! Trust each other, you’ll find that most are trustworthy, and only a few are not. These few are mostly looking to feel special and have maybe lost their way in the righteousness of life’s struggle.