DOS the power grid

Yesterday I was on my way home on BART, and I noticed a woman holding a copy of Time magazine. She was reading an article about how Iran’s protests had gone from being publicly held to a second more private phase. The article described that the Iranian’s were going home and just before the government run newscast they would switch on all their home appliances causing a denial of service to the power grid. Quite an interesting and innovative way to protest in my opinion. It was a good way for Iranians to stay somewhat anonymous and still have the desired effect.

Which brought me to think about how only a few years ago, California’s weak electrical grid went throught serious termoil and made it obvious to everyone how critical electricity and its continuous supply really is to us. Another thing we learned was how weak our grid really is, and that only a small increase in use could have such devistating effects. That being said, It makes me wonder how prepared our electrical suppliers are if our citizens were to stage similar protests and how our entire economy could be put at risk with such few people. Another interesting aspect is that really, how would one prosecute such an act? I don’t believe there are any laws to prevent/prosecute over use of your home appliances 🙂