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My latest Gartner research: Market Opportunity Map: Security and Risk Management Software, Worldwide

20 April 2017  |  The security software market is transforming through four vectors: analytics, adoption of SaaS and managed services, expanded ecosystems, and regulations. Technology business unit leaders must realign their product and go-to-market strategies to address these key forces….

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My Latest Gartner Research: Enterprise Firewall and Unified Threat Management Products Impact End-User Buying Behavior

This document helps product developers and managers of security providers prepare enterprise firewall and unified threat management products for the impact of digital business, mobile and the Internet of Things on end-user buying behavior….

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My latest Gartner Research: Market Share: Unified Threat Management (SMB Multifunction Firewalls), Worldwide, 2015

The UTM market grew 18% to $2 billion in 2015, with strongest growth in Emerging Asia/Pacific and Greater China. Hillstone Networks and Huawei had the largest growth. Strategic planners should pay attention to these providers and higher-growth regions and adjust business objectives accordingly. … …

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[ISN] IoT risks raise concerns among IT specialists in central and eastern Europe

www.computerweekly.com/news/4500272253/IoT-risks-raise-concerns-among-IT-specialists-in-CEE By Krzysztof Polak ComputerWeekly.com 04 Feb 2016 The internet of things (IoT) has gone from an industry buzzword to a highly promising phenomenon in central and eastern Europe – but IT specialists are concerned about how to protect networks from the extra strain of new connected devices. The driving force behind IoT is the desire to gain knowledge and insights about, for example, buildings, cars, industrial installations, healthcare, aviation and civil infrastructure, using smart and connected devices. But according to Sylwester Chojnacki, director, enterprise business group at Huawei CEE, the designers of IoT equipment have not learned the lessons from the early years of internet development. “They do not pay sufficient attention to the safety of devices and applications,” he said. IoT devices are often the first target in cyber attacks, leading to intrusions into computer systems and large databases. […]


[ISN] Here’s what ‘Shmoocon 2016,’ the D.C. hackerfest, tells us about the cybersecurity industry

www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-business/wp/2016/01/28/heres-whats-changing-in-d-c-s-hacker-community/ By Aaron Gregg The Washington Post January 28, 2016 Walking around Shmoocon, a D.C. cybersecurity conference in its 12th year, one gets the impression that the hacker community is growing out of a bit of its outrageousness. “There’s a chaotic element to it that has really fallen off,” said Shmoocon founder Bruce Potter. “All the shenanigans you used to see; dumping Jello in the fountain in Vegas…you don’t even see it anywhere anymore.” To be sure, the cultural quirks are still there. Grown men still call each other by over-the-top hacker aliases. A man walks around wearing a chicken mask with a fluorescent-green box strapped to this back blaring electronic music. With the exception of a group of West Point cadets, everyone is wearing T-shirts. But the crowd’s absurdities make it easy to forget that these are some of the most sought-after professionals in business, government and war. Over the past few years costly and highly-public instances of data theft have driven huge corporations to give cybersecurity professionals C-suite representation for the first time. And there’s a massive dearth of trained cybersecurity professionals, even in the Washington area: a 2015 report from market research firm Burning Glass found almost 50,000 open positions for cybersecurity professionals across the country with an advertised average salary of $83,934. As a result, conferences like Shmoocon have become central nodes where corporate and government recruiters find cyber talent. Local economic development boosters are targeting cybersecurity as a growth sector for the region, hoping they can capitalize on the steady stream of specialized talent that spills out the region’s military and intelligence agencies. […]


[ISN] Police make arrest in hack of toymaker VTech, which exposed data on 6 million kids

www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-vtech-toy-hack-20151216-story.html By Andrea Peterson The Washington Post December 16, 2015 Police in Britain arrested a 21-year-old man Tuesday as part of an investigation into the massive hack against Hong Kong-based toymaker VTech. VTech sells popular toys for young children, including smartwatches and tablets. The November breach of several company databases exposed information about approximately 5 million adults and more than 6 million children around the world, including names, genders and birth dates. The tech website Motherboard reported that pictures, chat logs between parents and their children, and audio recordings also were leaked, but the company has said it “cannot confirm” that data was reached by the hacker. VTech’s systems were reportedly vulnerable to a well-known hacking technique. The alleged hacker told Motherboard that he attacked the company and then went to the media to highlight its poor security practices. The incident raised new questions about the digital security of toys at a time when big corporations are increasingly marketing dolls and other devices that connect to the Internet and collect data about children. This month, researchers publicly disclosed security problems with Hello Barbie, a new doll that relies on artificial intelligence and an online connection to carry on conversations with children. ToyTalk, the company that Hello Barbie’s voice features, worked with the researchers to help fix “many of the issues they raised” before they were revealed. […]