[ISN] The Former Federal Employee Who Tried to Launch a Cyberattack on Nuclear Scientists

www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2016/02/former-federal-employee-who-tried-launch-cyberattack-nuclear-scientists/125694/ By Kaveh Waddell The Atlantic February 4, 2016 A nuclear scientist formerly employed by the federal government admitted Tuesday that he tried to infect the computers of about 80 government employees whom he believed had access to nuclear materials and weapons. According to court documents released by the Justice Department, the scientist, Charles Eccleston, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted unauthorized access to a protected computer. Until he was fired in 2011, Eccleston worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a federal agency that oversees civilian use of radioactive materials. During his time at the commission, he held a security clearance in order to work on nuclear-energy issues, according to the documents. A year after his federal government job ended, he moved to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In 2013, Eccleston went to the Manila embassy of an unidentified foreign country, and offered to sell foreign officials a list of thousands of federal employees’ email accounts for $18,800. He said the addresses were “top secret” and used for official communication. As a negotiating ploy, he said he would take the list to China, Venezuela, or Iran if the embassy didn’t want them. […]