[ISN] IoT risks raise concerns among IT specialists in central and eastern Europe

www.computerweekly.com/news/4500272253/IoT-risks-raise-concerns-among-IT-specialists-in-CEE By Krzysztof Polak ComputerWeekly.com 04 Feb 2016 The internet of things (IoT) has gone from an industry buzzword to a highly promising phenomenon in central and eastern Europe – but IT specialists are concerned about how to protect networks from the extra strain of new connected devices. The driving force behind IoT is the desire to gain knowledge and insights about, for example, buildings, cars, industrial installations, healthcare, aviation and civil infrastructure, using smart and connected devices. But according to Sylwester Chojnacki, director, enterprise business group at Huawei CEE, the designers of IoT equipment have not learned the lessons from the early years of internet development. “They do not pay sufficient attention to the safety of devices and applications,” he said. IoT devices are often the first target in cyber attacks, leading to intrusions into computer systems and large databases. […]