[ISN] Techies busted for cyber crime

timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Techies-busted-for-cyber-crime/articleshow/50635343.cms By Dwaipayan Ghosh TNN Jan 19, 2016 Kolkata: The Bidhannagar Police’s cyber cell arrested an employee of Wipro after the tech MNC lodged a complaint against unknown persons stealing sensitive data. This is the second arrest based on a specific complaint by the firm. The accused has been identified as Manish Ghosh, who was picked up from his residence on Sunday . Police said Ghosh is an expert in software coding. He kept a huge amount of data in compressed form in his mobile phone and laptop. During interrogation of Azaruddin Ahmed, who was the first person to be arrested in this case, police came to know that a few former and present employees of the company were also involved in the crime, which led to Ghosh’s arrest. Cops said the accused worked for Wipro BPO and was assigned to a British company -Talk Talk -to complete their backend services. Every weekend, the accused used data they got from Wipro to call up customers of Talk Talk. They would tell the customer how their internet speed was being “compromised” due to a virus. Once the customer gave their consent to know why there was a problem, the accused used two softwares -Team Viewer and Amiclient -to take control of their desktops. They would impress the need to send them an engineer for services and then charge them $70 for the visit. If the client asked them to add the bill to the existing monthly bills, they said it was not possible as engineers needed to be outsourced. […]