[ISN] Broad use of cloud services leaves enterprise data vulnerable to theft, report says

www.networkworld.com/article/3025944/security/broad-use-of-cloud-services-leave-enterprise-data-vulnerable-to-theft-report-says.html By Patrick Nelson Network World Jan 25, 2016 Data theft is a very real and growing threat for companies that increasingly use cloud services, says a security firm. Workers who widely share documents stored in the cloud with clients, independent contractors, or even others within the company are creating a Swiss-cheese of security holes, a study by Blue Coat Systems has found. In some cases, cloud documents were publicly discoverable through Google searches, the researchers say of their analysis. ‘Broadly shared’ The study found that 26% of documents stored in cloud apps are shared so widely that they pose a security risk. Compounding the issue is that many organizations aren’t even aware of it. […]