[ISN] Someone could have stolen your Wi-Fi password from this Internet of Things doorbell

thenextweb.com/gadgets/2016/01/12/now-someone-can-steal-your-wi-fi-password-from-your-doorbell/ [I called this back around September 2013 when Jamie Siminoff went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” pitching DoorBot, later rebranded to Ring. https://twitter.com/c4i/status/401534203755765760 – WK] By Owen Williams thenextweb.com 01/14/16 Getting hacked sucks, but there’s something worse than that: getting hacked because of your own smart doorbell. Ring is a popular smart doorbell that allows you to unlock your door from your phone, as well as see and hear visitors via a webcam. Unfortunately for Ring, that same doorbell meant you could have had your Wi-Fi password stolen in a few minutes if someone cracked into the physical doorbell According to Pen Test Partners, the attack was relatively trivial. To steal the password, it took removing the doorbell from the door using two screws, flipping it over and pushing the orange set-up button. […]