[ISN] Over 650 terabytes of data up for grabs due to publicly exposed MongoDB databases

www.networkworld.com/article/3015999/over-650-terabytes-of-data-up-for-grabs-due-to-publicly-exposed-mongodb-databases.html By Lucian Constantin IDG News Service Dec 16, 2015 There are at least 35,000 publicly accessible and insecure MongoDB databases on the Internet, and their number appears to be growing. Combined they expose 684.8 terabytes of data to potential theft. Matherly originally sounded the alarm about this issue back in July, when he found nearly 30,000 unauthenticated MongoDB instances. He decided to revisit the issue after a security researcher named Chris Vickery recently found information exposed in such databases that was associated with 25 million user accounts from various apps and services, including 13 million users of the controversial OS X optimization program MacKeeper. Matherly’s new results show an increase of over 5,000 insecure MongoDB instances since July, a somewhat surprising result giving that newer versions of the database no longer have a default insecure configuration. […]