[ISN] US Homeland Security wants heavy-duty IoT protection

www.networkworld.com/article/3014438/security/us-homeland-security-wants-heavy-duty-iot-protection.html By Michael Cooney LAYER 8 Network World Dec 11, 2015 The diversity and capabilities as well as a lack of security found in the multitude of devices in the Internet of Things world is making people at the US Department of Homeland Security more than a little concerned. This week it put out a call for “novel ideas and technologies to improve situational awareness and security measures for protecting IoT domains, as well as technologies that will help DHS operational and support components gain comprehensive and near continuous knowledge of IoT components and systems that affect their operations and assets.” By using the Internet and its various connection mediums (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, serial interface, wireless), any IoT system can be connected to any other device on the Internet. This level of connectivity opens tremendous opportunities for the capabilities of IoT-based systems, but also allows every node, device, data source, communication link, controller and data repository attached to IoT to serve as a security threat and be exposed to security threats. Therefore, any IoT system’s security is limited to the security level of its least secure component, the DHS stated. IoT security efforts are further complicated by IoT’s convergence of physical components and the virtual information flows and connections of IoT. Therefore, DHS stated, in addition to the typical vulnerabilities of IT systems, IoT enabled systems create additional security concerns because IoT domains are:autonomous and control other autonomous systems; highly mobile and/or widely distributed; and are vulnerable to physical and virtual threats. […]