[ISN] Hacker Claims to Have Taken Sensitive Data from City of Providence

www.golocalprov.com/news/new-hacker-claims-to-have-taken-sensitive-data-from-city-of-providence GoLocalProv News Team December 13, 2015 The City of Providence’s website was hacked on Sunday morning, and following the hacker posting an ominous message claiming to have control of sensitive data and that the data is for sale, the city and the hacker have given conflicting reports as to the impact. It is unknown what data, if any, is under the control of the City of Providence, but as three years ago the City of Providence accidentally gave GoLocalProv the Social Security numbers to thousands of retired City Workers. The message posted Sunday morning on the city’s website read: Sorry You g0t Hacked by g0tchack ALL SENSITIVE DATA & DATABASE FOR SALE!! 1 BTC […]