[ISN] Being homeless a struggle — even with a $100,000 job offer

www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/being-homeless-a-struggle-even-with-a-100000-job-offer/ By Danny Westneat The Seattle Times December 6, 2015 When I first meet James Simmons, he’s at the state welfare office trying to get some more food stamps. He survives on those, along with some free meals he gets at the homeless shelter, where he lives. It’s a jarring background to what I’m there to talk to him about. Which is that he just got offered a six-figure job as a security-systems analyst. “The job only exists in there,” he says, pointing at a beat-up laptop computer. “What exists in there doesn’t help me eat.” Simmons, 55, lives at the Compass Center’s night shelter near Seattle Center, beneath a church parking garage. He’s got a bunk in a room with 60 other men. He’s been homeless, off and on, for the past seven years. Yet on his laptop he shows me the interviews and job leads he’s had only in the past week. IBM. Wells Fargo. Frontier Airlines. T-Mobile. Experian. Daimler Chrysler. All interested in tapping his decades of experience as a certified information systems auditor, which he describes as “basically a cyber-cop.” […]