[ISN] Fathers’ Rights Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds

abcnews.go.com/International/fathers-rights-protesters-scale-roof-buckingham-palace-grounds/story?id=35477272 By CAROLYN DURAND ABC News Nov 29, 2015 Two men involved in a fathers’ rights group scaled a roof of a building on the Buckingham Palace grounds, remaining there for a few hours before climbing down and surrendering to police. The men climbed onto the roof of the Queens Gallery, a public art gallery on the Buckingham Palace grounds that has a separate entrance from the residence itself. The Queen and Prince Philip were not at the palace today. The men are a part of the fathers’ rights group Fathers For Justice. The activists claimed to have breached security by creating a distraction and climbing a ladder, according to the group. One member told British television station ITV over the phone that it was “easy” and he could “have gone further.” […]