[ISN] U.S. government wants in on the public cloud, but needs more transparency

www.computerworld.com/article/3006360/security/us-government-wants-in-on-the-public-cloud-but-needs-more-transparency.html By Blair Hanley Frank IDG News Service Nov 18, 2015 The federal government is trying to move more into the cloud, but service providers’ lack of transparency is harming adoption, according to Arlette Hart, the FBI’s chief information security officer. “There’s a big piece of cloud that’s the ‘trust me’ model of cloud computing,” she said during an on-stage interview at the Structure conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. That’s a tough sell for organizations like the federal government that have to worry about protecting important data. While Hart said that the federal government wants to get at the “enormous value” in public cloud infrastructure, its interest in moving to public cloud infrastructure is also tied to a need for greater security. While major providers like Amazon and Microsoft offer tools that meet the U.S. government’s regulations, not every cloud provider is set up along those lines. In Hart’s view, cloud providers need to be more transparent about what they do with security so the government and other customers can verify that their practices are sufficient for protecting data. […]