[ISN] New Counterintelligence Strategy: Focus on Cyber

www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2015/11/new-counterintelligence-strategy-focus-cyber-espionage/123880/ By Mohana Ravindranath Nextgov.com November 19, 2015 A new national counterintelligence strategy aims to learn from the recent Office of Personnel Management hack, attributed to state-backed Chinese actors, which compromised the personal information of 22 million current, past and future federal employees and contractors. The 2016 strategy, published this week, broadly outlines a plan for detecting, mitigating and preventing such threats, both from “foreign intelligence entities” and from malicious employees. “As the recent cyberintrusion against the Office of Personnel Management illustrated, even federal agencies that hold sensitive but not classified data are at increased risk of being targeted by foreign adversaries,” said a statement signed by President Barack Obama at the top of the DNI document. “The expanding and interconnected nature of espionage threats” needs a unified government response to “safeguard our most valuable security and economic information,” the statement stated. […]