[ISN] Pacific trade deal takes aim at Chinese hacking

www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/89a0137a-82b1-11e5-8095-ed1a37d1e096.html By Shawn Donnan in Washington FT.com November 4, 2015 Pacific Rim countries will be required to criminalise hacking attacks on companies under a new regional trade pact that shows Washington’s determination to clamp down on Chinese cyber theft and ban new forms of digital protectionism. The US, Japan and 10 other economies concluded five years of negotiations last month on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, covering roughly 40 per cent of the global economy. Although the pact does not include China, US officials are selling the TPP as a crucial component in Washington’s efforts to write the rules of the global economy before Beijing can. The deal will reduce trade barriers on everything from beef and dairy products to textiles, with new standards for environmental protection, investment disputes and the behaviour of state-owned enterprises. The TPP agreement — details of which will be released as soon as Thursday — will also include new rules governing the free flow of data, privacy and cyber security, showing how the US intends to use a trade deal to set new benchmarks that it hopes will become global standards. […]