[ISN] Facebook’s head of security has a big concern: Android

www.businessinsider.com/facebooks-head-of-security-alex-stamos-biggest-concern-is-android-2015-11 By Rob Price Business Insider November 4, 2015 Facebook’s head of security, Alex Stamos, has a seriously high-pressure job: Keeping 1.5 billion Facebook users safe and secure every day. The American software engineer works at Facebook’s global head of security, where he is ultimately responsible for protecting its billions of users — whether that’s from opportunistic teenagers hackers in their parents’ basements, or sophisticated nation-state backed attacks. So what worries him the most? “Mobile devices.” Speaking at the Irish tech conference Web Summit on Wednesday afternoon, Stamos told CNN’s Laurie Siegel that the proliferation of cheap smartphones across the globe has made hundreds of millions of people vulnerable to hacking. […]