[ISN] Making the Case for Cyber Defense Spending in Local Government

www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2015/10/making-case-cyber-defense-spending-local-government/122901/ By Bill Lucia Route Fifty October 18, 2015 The way David Stevens describes it, local government leaders in Maricopa County, Arizona, didn’t always have an especially favorable view of cybersecurity spending. A “grand black hole of a money pit.” That’s how it was seen about four years ago, said Stevens, who is the county’s chief information officer. “You had no idea what they were doing. They always wanted money to buy tools,” he added, referring to cybersecurity staff members. “We just thought of them as, sort of, the wizard behind the curtain, that got in the way of business.” Complex explanations about cybersecurity programs provoked glazed over looks from decisionmakers, and Stevens also noted that there was a general impression that some among Maricopa’s cybersecurity team had an inclination to say “no” to technology changes that might create any new cyber-risks, an approach that didn’t always mesh well with the county’s goals. At the same time, the cyber-threats local governments faced were on the rise, with some of them posing potentially serious consequences and costs. […]