[ISN] Salted Hash: Live from DerbyCon 5.0 (Day 2)

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2986800/security-awareness/salted-hash-live-from-derbycon-5-0-day-2.html By Steve Ragan Salted Hash CSO Online Sept 26, 2015 It’s Day two at DerbyCon, which is actually the day that most of the action takes place. This weekend has already seen some impressive talks, but today promises to be interesting with talks running the full spectrum of InfoSec, from medical device research, AppSec, and social engineering. This post is being written at 0900, which is early for a hacker conference, but people are slowly starting to gather, as the picture shows. So far this weekend, Salted Hash has posted various conversation starters along with general updates, so today’s post will continue that slight trend. The idea for the topic came out of a technical failure on your faithful reporter’s part yesterday. […]