[ISN] Report: Healthcare Security Incidents 3 Times More Likely

http://healthitsecurity.com/news/report-healthcare-security-incidents-3-times-more-likely By Elizabeth Snell Health IT Security September 24, 2015 It should come as no surprise that healthcare security incidents are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in the industry, especially with more providers connecting to HIEs and implementing EMRs. However, a recent survey shows that the healthcare industry sees 340 percent more security incidents and attacks than the average sector. According to the Websense Security Labs™ 2015 Healthcare Drill-Down Report, the healthcare industry is also 200 percent more likely to see data theft and 74 percent more likely to be impacted by phishing schemes. The move to electronic health records is part of the reason why healthcare is seemingly so vulnerable to extra attacks, according to Raytheon|Websense Principal Security Analyst Carl Leonard. “This is a new environment and [healthcare organizations] are trying to make sure the data is secure but also available,” Leonard told HealthITSecurity.com. “Because when the physicians need access to this data, it has to be accurate and they have to access it in a very time critical manner so they can deliver that very timely and important patient care.” Leonard added that healthcare security must be considered as a business enabler in the industry because there is a chance for that sensitive data (PHI and PII) to be lost. […]