[ISN] Healthcare sector 340% more prone to IT security threats

http://www.computerweekly.com/news/4500254005/Healthcare-sector-340-more-prone-to-IT-security-threats By Bryan Glick Editor in Chief ComputerWeekly.com 23 Sep 2015 Healthcare organisations are 340% more likely to be hit by an IT security incident than the average across all sectors, and 200% more likely to experience data theft, according to research. Medical information sells for 10 times more than other data on the black market, making it a key target for cyber criminals, according to the study from supplier Raytheon|Websense. The figures come from analysing telemetry feeds from healthcare organisations all over the world, as part of the five billion daily security events identified by the firm’s threat intelligence network. Hackers are much more likely to use certain forms of malware to target healthcare organisations: They are 450% more likely than average to be hit by the Cryptowall ransomware, a Trojan that encrypts files on a user’s device and asks for payment to release the data. The Dyre “man in the middle” malware turns up 300% more often in healthcare – a phishing attack that directs users to fake banking websites to steal their login details. And Dropper, which leaves malware to open up backdoors onto systems, appears 376% more in healthcare – in the first half of this year, 83% of all Dropper incidents worldwide took place in the sector, according to the Websense survey. […]