[ISN] FBI issues alert for IoT device security

http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/fbi-issues-alert-iot-device-security By Erin McCann Managing Editor Healthcare IT News September 16, 2015 When the Federal Bureau of Investigation issues an alert to healthcare organizations and others warning of the serious cyber risks the Internet of Things presents, it’s probably best to pay attention. For healthcare security folks, this means paying closer attention to the myriad IoT devices within their organizations. And they’re not necessarily all the devices you might think of. They also include things such as HVAC remotes, Wi-Fi camera, insulin dispensers, thermostats and any type of wearable and other medical devices. These devices, FBI officials said, are notorious for having serious security deficiencies. This, combined with patching vulnerabilities, make these IoT devices an attractive target for cybercriminals. So what are the most pressing IoT risks, according to the FBI? The first is exploiting the Universal Plug and Play protocol to gain access to these devices. The next involves taking advantage of those default passwords to transmit malicious and spam emails or swipe personal and financial data. There’s also the risk of cybercriminals overloading these devices, effectively rendering them inoperable, which could have serious consequences in the realm of healthcare. […]