[ISN] As containers take off, so do security concerns

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2984543/vulnerabilities/as-containers-take-off-so-do-security-concerns.html By Maria Korolov CSO Sep 17, 2015 Containers offer a quick and easy way to package up applications and all their dependencies, and are popular with testing and development. According to a recent survey sponsored by container data management company Cluster HQ, 73 percent of enterprises are currently using containers for development and testing, but only 39 percent are using them in a production environment. But this is changing, with 65 percent saying that they plan to use containers in production in the next 12 months, and cited security as their biggest worry. According to the survey, just over 60 percent said that security was either a major or a moderate barrier to adoption. Containers can be run within virtual machines or on traditional servers. The idea is somewhat similar to that of a virtual machine itself, except that while a virtual machine includes a full copy of the operating system, a container does not, making them faster and easier to load up. […]