[ISN] Obama advisors: Encryption backdoors would hurt cybersecurity, net infrastructure vendors

http://www.networkworld.com/article/2984574/security/obama-advisors-encryption-backdoors-would-hurt-cybersecurity-net-infrastructure-vendors.html By Tim Greene Network World Sep 16, 2015 Making encryption backdoors available to law enforcement would be bad for cybersecurity in general and hurt vendors that make encryption gear, a presidential advisory group says. While the FBI argues that it needs legislation to require access points into encryption platforms, the National Security Council is preparing to tell President Obama that the downsides include weakening the privacy of Internet communications, according to a draft NSC report obtained by the Washington Post. “[B]ecause any access point to encrypted data increases risk, if government efforts to secure access are successful, this approach would reduce cybersecurity,” the document says. At the same time, laws forcing vendors to build in encryption keys for police use would create a thicket of problems for vendors such as losing buyers in other countries that don’t want their communications hackable by U.S. law enforcement. If other countries enacted similar laws, though, that might ease the burden. […]