[ISN] Hackers Killed a Simulated Human By Turning Off Its Pacemaker

http://motherboard.vice.com/read/hackers-killed-a-simulated-human-by-turning-off-its-pacemaker By Jason Koebler Staff Writer Motherboard.vice.com Sept 7, 2015 We’ve wondered a couple of times what might happen if a hacker were to decide to compromise your pacemaker, your bionic arm, or maybe your brain implant. Thanks to some students at the University of South Alabama, we now have a reasonably good idea: You die! There are shades of gray here, of course. But a group of undergraduate students at the university recently spent a few hours hacking a medical grade human simulation to see what, exactly would happen. The results were about what you’d expect. iStan, the guy you see above, is “the most advanced wireless patient simulator on the market, with internal robotics that mimic human cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems,” according to its manufacturer, CAE Healthcare. iStan costs about $100,000 and is regularly used by hospitals to teach medical school students how to perform procedures without murdering people. “They sweat, they cry, they talk,” Mike Jacobs, director of the simulations program at University of South Alabama, told me. “It responds to 300 different types of simulated medications and procedures, and the physiological response is identical to that of a human.” […]