[ISN] Pwn2Own loses HP as its sponsor amid new cyberweapon restrictions

http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/09/pwn2own-loses-hp-as-its-sponsor-amid-new-cyberweapon-restrictions/ By Dan Goodin Ars Technica Sep 3, 2015 The next scheduled Pwn2Own hacking competition has lost Hewlett-Packard as its longstanding sponsor amid legal concerns that the company could run afoul of recent changes to an international treaty that governs software exploits. Dragos Ruiu, organizer of both Pwn2Own and the PacSec West security conference in Japan, said HP lawyers spent more than $1 million researching the recent changes to the so-called Wassenaar Arrangement. He said they ultimately concluded that the legal uncertainty and compliance hurdles were too high for them to move forward. “I am left being kind of grumpy now that HP is not involved,” Ruiu told Ars. He said that he plans to organize a scaled-down hacking competition to fill the void at this year’s conference, which is scheduled for November 11 and 12. Pwn2Own has become one of the more closely followed events among security professionals. The hacking competition offers hundreds of thousands of dollars for exploits that target software vulnerabilities found in Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android. Besides highlighting the relative ease of exploiting bugs, the contest allows HP’s Tipping Point division to update its intrusion prevention software with definitions that detect and block such attacks. […]