[ISN] Cisco security chief: 4 things CISOs need to survive

http://www.networkworld.com/article/2979888/security/cisco-security-chief-4-things-cisos-need-to-survive.html By Tim Greene Network World Sep 3, 2015 As the criminal infrastructure that supports cyber attacks grows more efficient to speed up development of new threats CISOs need to constantly learn new skills to keep their businesses and their jobs safe, according to Cisco’s head of security solutions. They have to have solid knowledge of network security, but also have to be able to communicate well, develop in-house security talent and stay on top of how the threat landscape is changing, says James Mobley, Cisco vice president of security solutions and former CEO of security consulting firm Neohapsis, which Cisco bought last year. In his job Mobley routinely comes in contact with CISOs who talk about the challenges they face and the steps they are taking in order to avoid breaches and compromises that can hurt their businesses. Mobley spoke recently to Network World Senior Editor Tim Greene about these challenges and how CISOs ought to respond to their changing roles. Here is an edited transcript of that interview. […]