[ISN] FDIC on Why Banks Need a Disaster Plan for Cyber Threats

http://www.bankinfosecurity.com/blogs/fdic-on-banks-need-disaster-plan-for-cyber-threats-p-1924 By Tracy Kitten @FraudBlogger Bank Info Security August 27, 2015 Federal banking regulators have for the last year been pushing community banks and credit unions to enhance their cybersecurity assessment and risk management strategies. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s “Supervisory Insights” summer 2015, published this week, reminds these smaller financial institutions about an online resource they can use to conduct exercises designed to help them prepare to deal with emerging cyber risks. “In addition to preparing for natural disasters and other physical threats, business continuity now also means preserving access to customer data and the integrity and security of that data in the face of cyber-attacks.” The FDIC’s “cyber challenge” program offers a series of videos and exercises to help banks consider appropriate steps for dealing with key threats, including account take-over, malware infections and other risks related to third parties and vendors. […]