[ISN] Carter Says Pentagon Needs Better Cyber Security Following Joint Chiefs Breach

http://www.defenseone.com/management/2015/08/carter-says-pentagon-needs-better-cyber-security-following-joint-chiefs-breach/119618/ By Kevin Baron defenseone.com August 26, 2015 NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nevada – On his way to Silicon Valley, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said a recent intrusion into a Joint Chiefs of Staff computer network shows the Defense Department is not providing the basic level of cyber defenses needed for the U.S. military. Now he wants help. “That is evidence that we’re not doing as good as we need to do in job one in cyber, which is defending our own networks,” Carter said of the Joint Chiefs breach, after receiving classified briefings during an Air Force exercise in cyber and space defenses. “Our military is empowered by and also dependent upon networks for its effective operations. So, we have to be good, and I would say we have to be better at network defense than we are now.” The compromised Joint Chiefs unclassified email server went back online earlier this month. Carter said his desire to increase the military’s computer defenses is one reason he is heading to Silicon Valley on Friday to recruit outside help. “I’m trying there and elsewhere…to encourage interest in our nation and a back-and-forth of people,” he said, “so that our people have the benefit of getting to know the technology, the culture, and the business practices and so forth of the commercial sector, and we draw the commercial sector into the great mission of helping us protect the nation.” His visit closely follows Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work’s recent visit to the Pentagon’s new office, called the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental, or DIUx, at Mountain View, Calif. Work brought the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer, Under Secretary of Defense Frank Kendall, as well. […]