[ISN] Wi-Fi at DEF CON – dealing with the worlds most dangerous network

http://www.computerworld.com/article/2974662/network-security/wi-fi-at-def-con-dealing-with-the-worlds-most-dangerous-network.html By Michael Horowitz Computerworld Aug 23, 2015 The wireless network at the DEF CON hacker conference has been called the most dangerous in the world. Members of the press were warned beforehand that “This is a Hacker Con, so consider the public network at DEF CON profoundly hostile! … keep your Wi-fi and Bluetooth disabled as much as possible.” The press room at the conference offered a private Ethernet connection to the outside world. I heard that staff at the DEF CON hotels (Paris and Bally’s in Las Vegas) were telling guests to turn off their Wi-Fi. In the days after the conference, I ran across four articles from people who attended DEF CON, all with a common theme of avoiding the Wi-Fi. My defensive stance was taking a Chromebook to the conference. I used the machine, offline, to take notes, saving a copy both to a thumbnail sized USB flash drive and the internal Chromebook storage. There were two Wi-Fi networks at DEF CON, one was totally open and the other locked down with WPA2/ 802.1x (a.k.a WPA2 Enterprise). Perhaps I’m naive, but I felt no danger connecting the Chromebook to the public, open, unsecure network. Of course, I would only do so in Guest Mode. […]