[ISN] First of its kind hardwear.io – Hardware Security Conference

http://hardwear.io/ Dates: 29-30 Sept, Trainings at HSD Campus in The Hague, Netherlands. 1- 2 Oct, Conference at HSD Campus in The Hague, Netherlands. Keynote Jon Callas, Co-Founder / CTO Silent Circle and Blackphone Speakers (http://hardwear.io/speakers/) 1. Demystifying the Sagemcom ECGI420 OneBox by Tamir Bahar 2. got HW crypto? On the (in)security of a Self-Encrypting Drive series by Gunnar Alendal and Christian Kison 3. Security of Medical Devices by Florian Grunow 4. Advanced Attack Methodologies against Security Microcontrollers by Marcus Janke and Dr. Peter Laackmann 5. Hardware Hacking with the Beaglebone (Bl|H)ack by Joe FitzPatrick and Jeremy Richards Trainings 1. IC Security 101 by Olivier Thomas & Dmitry Nedopasov 2. Low level hardware reversing by Javier Vidal & Henrik Nolscher 3. Applied Physical Attacks on X86 Systems by Joseph Fitzpatrick Registration:- http://hardwear.io/register/ 20% Discount Code:- HW2015